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Whats Inspected

Common Home Issues Your average home or condo inspection is likely to uncover problems in one or more of the following areas that are routinely identified by Home Inspectors in their reports: 1. Improperly installed or leaking roof caused by improper installation due to flashing, to many layers of roofing, curling, cupping of the shingles, rotted damaged roof edges and flat roofs need to be inspected for water puddling, cracking, air bubbles and poor flashing problems, 2. Exterior and interior structure issue are usually caused by rotted or missing post supports, Steel metal lentals rusted causing cracks on exterior bricks damaging mortar, poor drainage from roof can cause moisture and settling, damaged foundation wall will caused structure issues. 3. Lots and ground, walkways, stoops, porches and drainage need to be inspected for cracks, deterioration and negative drainage on foundation walls. 4. Windows can be costly if not properly caulked, checked for missing storm windows, rotted broken windows and if in need of upgrade. Newer windows need to be inspected for proper installation and latching problems. 5. Electric safety hazards due to old age or amateur remodeling. The common issues are old cloth wiring, aluminum branch wires and service lines, double taps on a single breaker, a panel box not properly grounded, ungrounded circuits, lack of ground fault circuit interrupters G.F.C.I and permanent electrical appliances running off of extension cords. 6. Hazardous gas furnaces due to poor drafting or back drafting, improper venting, insufficient combustible air, improper gas piping, old air filters that have not been changed, short cycling systems need to be identified, damaged circulator or blowers need to be checked out. Cracked heat exchangers is also hazardous but beyond the scope of a visual inspection and may be found by HVAC contractor. Some signs are rusted old systems that need to be upgraded due to possible carbon monoxide infiltration into home. 7. Plumbing lines need to be tested for pressure and leak’s, drain lines need to be checked for cracks and leaking sewer odor. Hot water heaters need to be examined for proper installation, age, rusting, erosion caused by flooding. Sump pumps are tested for proper drainage and venting. My Inspection reports are computer generated and are very detailed on all aspects of the inspection.